Surprise Art

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I love making things. I also love giving art to people, and I believe that our world is better with more art in it.

This is my way of putting small pieces of original artwork into the world for people to keep or give away. But here's the catch: you don't know what you're getting. This is surprise art!

I make these papercuts, mat, and then wrap them. Place an order and you receive one of these pieces. Because I wrap them immediately after making them, I don't know who is getting what. Consider it "grab bag art," like when you were a kid and bought one of those paper bags at the toy store and had no idea what would be inside. 

Each piece is mounted in a 5x7" black mat and ready for framing. You can buy it for yourself, or for a friend, and feel free to order as many as you want. Because it's a surprise, they are priced a little lower than my original pieces, the intent being to provide affordable artwork to bring a little joy to you and anyone you want to gift it to.

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