Handmade Upcycled Wood Print Hanger


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  • 14"
  • 11"
  • 8" $40.00

A special handmade collaboration to help you hang up your favorite print!

I worked with my husband Luc to design these magnetic print hangers, specifically made to pair with my graphic papercut prints.

These are made from upcycled wood and have a beautiful minimal look thanks to a slight beveled edge on the front side.

We release these in limited batches.

A little backstory on the wood used in this batch...

-Cedar from a collection of old surveying stakes that Anna's dad (a former surveyor) had left over from his career of working outside and surveying landscapes.

-Oak from a vintage cider press from Roshni Robert's family (of lunar calendar fame). We press cider with Roshni and her mom Rebecca every year, and when Luc restored it, there were some leftover pieces that we thought would be perfect having a second life as a print hanger.

These are handmade from upcycled materials (mostly cedar and oak), variations in appearance and texture do occur. The wood is sanded and unfinished for a natural look, so treat with care!

Each frame comes with a top and bottom. They do not come with a print, but you can explore all the available prints here.

Print hangers are available in 8", 10", 11", and 14".

These are made to fit with the WIDTH of the print that you want to hang.

For example, if you want to hang a vertical, 11x17" print (like the lunar calendar), choose the 11" option. If you want to have a vertical 8x10" print, choose the 8" option. And so forth.

11" + 14" hangers are $45
8" + 10" hangers are $40

Design and fabrication by Luc Revel // Hewn Smith.