Coffee Adventures Outside Postcard Calendar 2022

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I've always loved calendars, and when the year is over, I have often cut off or separated the illustration from the month/days so that I can use the artwork, either to frame or send to a friend.

Why not have a calendar that’s specifically made to be used in this way?

That’s exactly what a Postcard Calendar is.

After every month is over, just cut along the dotted line on the back and turn it into a postcard. A great challenge to send a handwritten note to a friend. After all, who doesn't like getting snail mail?

So consider this a calendar and postcard pack all wrapped up into one.

Over the past year, Alastair Humphreys and I have been collaborating on a series called Coffee Adventures Outside. This calendar features all 12 papercut illustrations from the series, and every month features a short written prompt to inspire you to take your coffee outside.

The calendars are loose, unbound, 4.25x10" sheets, and printed on brown Kraft Grocer paper in Seattle, Washington. Once cut, postcards are about 4.25x5".