24 Days of Making, Doing, and Being Digital Advent Calendar



This is the fifth annual 24 Days of Making, Doing, and Being Digital Advent Calendar.

The goal with this Advent calendar is always to create a little magic every day during the month of December, so that’s it’s not just a countdown but an everyday celebration. It’s a focus on slowing down, finding balance and contentedness.

We need daily reminders to keep us present, to keep us breathing, to keep us existing, to keep us hoping, to keep us feeling joy. That's what this digital calendar is here for.

Starting on December 1st, you will receive a daily email all the way up to December 24th. The daily email will include artwork, prompts, recipes, etc. and you will be able to access the archives too.

There is also a print edition, which includes a subscription to this year's digital calendar. And if you are a Patreon supporter of mine, you get the digital calendar included as well!