2024 Postcard Calendar

On sale! $10.00


Every year I make a postcard calendar. These 7x5" calendars are designed so that when the month is over, you can cut off the artwork and send it as a postcard to a friend. Just cut along the dotted line, buy a stamp, write a nice note and send off. A great challenge to send a handwritten note to a friend. After all, who doesn't like getting snail mail?

So consider this a calendar and postcard pack all wrapped up into one.

This year, the artwork centers around not a place or a theme, but a feeling. I've spent a lot of this year thinking about all kinds of space—physical, mental, emotional, graphic, architectural, positive/negative, etc.

The artwork in this calendar is an attempt to capture a very particular space. Sometimes it's a physical space, sometimes it's just a space of being, but regardless of how you get there, you know it when you feel it. It's that space where it feels like you're at the precipice of something, that there's potential, that you're rooted and expanding all at the same time.

The calendars are loose, unbound, 7x5" sheets and printed on recycled paper in Seattle, Washington. Once cut, postcards are about 4x5".